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Studying from other places: the significance of rules diffusion

Studying from other places: the significance of rules diffusion

In the event the info and functions made use of in other places is the wrong for Singapore’s need, they are not implemented (Quah, 1995, p

Edgar Schein (1996, pp. 221-222) attributed Singapore’s victory so you can their incorruptible and you will competent civil service as the “obtaining the most readily useful and you will smartest” customers during the authorities is probably among Singapore’s major importance from inside the they are potentially by far the most capable invent precisely what the nation must survive and you may develop”.

The item out of appearing abroad is not to reproduce however, in order to see not as much as exactly what products and just what the quantity courses effective someplace else may functions right here. Furthermore, the fresh new disappointments from almost every other governing bodies promote sessions on what never to carry out within significantly less governmental rates than just making the exact same mistakes oneself

Actually, new PAP government’s policy of using aggressive salaries to draw the new “best and you may smartest” Singaporeans to participate anyone bureaucracy could have been effective as the mirrored into the Singapore’s constantly high ratings and you may percentile score with the Business Bank’s governance indicator towards the regulators features as shown within the Table III

An important strength of one’s PAP government try its desire so you’re able to study on the newest event from different countries of the maybe not recurring the brand new mistakes he has got produced in solving the problems. Read more